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Our Story

Originally from Long Island and NE PA, 20 plus years ago we moved to NJ for work and to start our family. We fell in love with the area and its people choosing to raise our kids here while working in corporate America. Over the years we enjoyed all the great things NJ has to offer, including playing paddle (platform tennis) at our local pool club. During COVID we tried this "new" sport called pickleball. We instantly fell in love with the game, as well as the organic good-spirited camaraderie that permeates the pickleball community. Now that our kids are grown and heading off to their futures, we decided to make the leap out of corporate America to combine our love for NJ's people and the warmth of the paddle hut, with our newfound love for pickleball. By opening the area's first 100% dedicated pickleball facility, hopefully in our own small way we can add to the great NJ community that has provided so much to us.

Ghost Sears "Before" Picture
HCPC Vision Realized!


Create a welcoming social environment where people can form lasting communal friendships through learning, playing, and competing in pickleball.


  • Pickleball community camaraderie

  • Mutual respect and support

  • Good spirited competition

  • Active healthy lifestyle

  • Wholesome fun and relaxation!

Similar 100% dedicated indoor pickleball clubs in NJ have sold out memberships and are putting prospective new members on waiting lists.

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