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Meet Our Pros

At Home Court Pickleball Club, we do our very best to partner with a team of pros who come from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels, who are passionate about the game and excited to provide a fun, positive, nurturing environment while teaching the sport they love! No matter where you are in your pickleball journey, one of our pros can help you achieve YOUR goals. We are still in the process of adding more pros. Stay tuned!

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Maggie Remynse-Chou - Touring Pro

Maggie is a professional pickleball player and coach, having been ranked as high as #7 in the world. Maggie began her professional career in 2018, and has since racked up wins against almost all of the top players. She has won over 50 pro medals in women’s and mixed doubles, including over a dozen on the APP Tour. A few notable highlights include:

  • 2021 APP NJ Open gold medalist and bronze medalist in 2022

  • Major League Pickleball 2022 Austin finalist and Columbus 3rd place

  • 2022 4th place at USA Pickleball Nationals

  • 2023 NYC Open APP bronze medalist.

Outside of playing pickleball, Maggie coaches both locally and professionally. She has worked with several of the top pro players, most notably her sister Andrea Koop. 

Maggie is the Founder & CEO of Blu Court Sports.

Cathy Ackerman - Pro

Cathy has long been avid racquet sport athlete. Growing up playing tennis and competed at the D1 collegiate level at Duke University where she had successful career. Since completing college tennis, she helped coach Dartmouth women’s tennis for a couple years as a graduate assistant and then found her way into other racquet sports. She has over 20 years of coaching experience.  She holds teaching certifications from the Platform Tennis Registry (PTR) and Pickleball Coaching International (PCI). 

Cathy is the Director of Business Development and an Instructor at Blu Court Sports.  She has competed in four APP events at the highest amateur level; medaling at all four. She is now playing at the senior pro level. 

  • 2022 APP New Jersey Open Mixed Gold Medal 4.5 50+

  • 2022 APP Philadelphia Open Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal 5.0 50+

  • 2022 APP Atlantic City Open Mixed Doubles Silver Medal 5.0 50+

  • 2022 Toms River Pickleball Open Women’s & Mixed Gold Medal 4.5 50+

Cathy is a patient and positive instructor that loves seeing her students develop and improve. Her energy, relatability, and ability to clearly provide digestible nuggets are what her students love most about her.

Andrew Yaged - Pro

Andrew Yaged is a 6.0 DUPR rated pickleball player, with 14+ years experience as a high-performance tennis coach for some of the top pro and junior players from all over the world.  

Recent Wins:

  • 2024 Mercer Bucks Spring Classic Mens 5.0+ Gold

  • Pickle Jar 5.0+ Mens Open Bronze 

  • Center Court 5.0+ Mens Open Gold


Pickleball has become a passion for Andrew over the last few years, and he truly enjoys being on court, in addition to helping others reach another level in their own game. He focuses on improving athlete’s speed, agility, strength, balance, and coordination, for players of all ages and skill levels. 


Andrew believes efficient footwork and movement patterns around the court are essential. Efficient mobility on court leads to efficient shots and higher level gameplay.

Scott Pringle - Pro

Scott is a lifelong competitive tennis player who played age group junior tournaments growing up in Zimbabwe & college tennis in South Africa.

He started playing pickleball in 2019 & got his International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association(IPTPA) level II certification in 2021 after deciding he would rather be on a court than in an office.

He has also been playing tournaments since 2021 with the following highlights:

  • 2021 NJ Open Men's Doubles Gold 4.5 35+

  • 2022 NJ Open Mixed Gold 4.5 50+

  • 2022 Philadelphia Open Mixed Bronze 5.0 50+

  • 2022 Atlantic City Open Men's Doubles Gold 5.0 50+ & Mixed Silver 5.0 50+

He is now playing at the senior pro level.

Some of the most rewarding aspects about teaching for Scott are helping people with stroke & positioning fundamentals & watching their game & enjoyment take off.

Scott Rowling - Pro

Scott grew up playing soccer his entire life, earning a D1 scholarship to the University of New Hampshire. While he always enjoyed playing racquet sports, it was only something he would do for fun and to stay active.  Scott learned how to play pickleball in middle school quite some time ago, where winning a school-wide competition earned him a jar of pickles.

After two decades away from the game, he’s found himself teaching anyone and everyone the game of pickleball, having been a coach now for the past five years. Currently a high school math teacher and soccer coach, Scott finds a lot of similarities between his classroom and the court. He incorporates a problem-solving approach to the game and his lessons, finding a perfect balance between the technical and tactical skills.

When he’s not playing pickleball, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and dog. Scott looks forward to elevating your game, no matter what level you are striving for!

David Lavy - Pro

David is a seasoned pickleball player and instructor who has won multiple 4.5 tournaments:

  • Singles 4.5 (Age: 12-29)- Gold

  • Men’s Doubles 5.0+ (Age: 12-29)- Silver

  • Mercer Bucks Spring Classic Mens Doubles 4.5+

  • Berkeley Heights Spring Pickleball Bash

  • New Brunswick Moneyball

His background in both Tennis and Table Tennis has allowed him to quickly excel in the last 4 years as he continues to improve. He is a PPR Certfied Coach and focuses on his welcoming demeanor and positive teaching style. He loves helping others level-up their game and is always smiling on the court.

Michele Dabal - Coach

In 2017, Michele converted from tennis to pickleball to prepare for the US Transplant Games in 2018. She quickly fell in love with the sport.

In 2019, Michele earned the PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) Coach Certification and IFP (International Federation of Pickleball) Instructor Certification. Michele enjoys working with clients of all ages and abilities and is a YPP (Youth Pickleball Provider) with USA Pickleball. 

In 2021, Michele founded MD Pickleball Academy to share her passion of pickleball with others. She is an Engage Pickleball Brand Ambassador and regularly assists players on finding the right paddle for their game and budget.

Michele is a DUPR Preferred Event Director. She enjoys competitive pickleball and getting players involved with DUPR leagues and Minor League Pickleball tournaments. She is the Co-Founder & Director of the All State Pickeball League that has over 1,900 members competing across NJ with players and traveling to play from parts of NY and PA.

Karen Olivera - Coach

Karen began her pickleball journey in 2019 having a background in competitive sports,
other than those involving a racquet or paddle, and quickly became an enthusiast
of the game.

Karen is certified by the PPR and has taught students both privately and through
MD Pickleball Academy.  She has effectively competed in tournaments at the 4.0 level throughout New 
Jersey, in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Karen's pre-pickleball background includes serving as a certified personal trainer 
and Jazzercise instructor for two decades, as well as coaching high school

Sharon Streit - Coach

Sharon is a Certified Pickleball Coach and has taught pickleball in Morris County since July 2022. With a love of sports and a background in tennis, golf, and softball, Sharon loves to share her passion for pickleball with everyone who steps on the court.

Sharon played competitive tennis as an adult, and in 2021, she picked up her first pickleball paddle and never looked back. She is a captain of a New Jersey All State Pickleball League team (four seasons), and her team won Bronze at the state finals in December 2023.

As a coach, Sharon helps her students develop their skills and reach their full potential.  She enjoys teaching private lessons, small groups, and clinics for beginner to intermediate players. Sharon is committed to helping each player advance their game and build a solid foundation for pickleball.

Sharon is married with two kids (Katie, 17 and Jack, 14) and a yellow lab, Rosie. They live in Madison and can often be found on the pickleball court together!

Nick Roccaforte - Coach

Nationally ranked Senior tennis player for years in U S T A Eastern division.

  • Number 1 three times

  • Number 2 once

  • Number 3 once

Last number 1 ranking was last tournament played in 2017 at age 80. All with different partners.

Played in two state Pickleball tournaments and won both in Over 80 age category.  Played in National Senior Games National Championship in July 2023 and won Bronze Medal.

Beth Ravin - Coach

Specializes in teaching beginners and those who are “Pickleball-Curious”. Find out what all this Pickleball fuss is about!

Beth has developed a special program to get new players to a competency level where they can join all the fun that Pickleball offers, providing a clear overview on the rules, scoring, serving, basic shots and strategy. Beth helps beginners with tools to elevate their game. She can suggest paddles and resources that might help with specific issues. This program can also fast track players who are coming from tennis and other sports so they can confidently and quickly join great Pickleball games!

Lisa Moro - Coach

Bio to be added soon!

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