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Frequently Asked Questions



Our Overall Weekly Programming Approach and Status?

Our programming is coming together now. We will be offering Open Plays, Clinics, and Leagues at multiple levels and varying times of the day throughout the week, so everyone has a chance to play at their level, and at a time that works for their busy schedule.​

Initial weekly programming will be posted by the week of 2/19. Programming will evolve over time based on member input.



Can I Bring A Guest? What Is The Guest Fee?

  • Yes we would love to host member's guests!

  • Guest Fee: $20 per reservation

  • Guest Parameters: You may host a guest up to 4 times per month, but you can only bring the same guest 4 times per year.

  • Our Now & Then membership is a good option for a spouse or friend who is a less frequent player.



Are The Court Fees Charged Per Player?

Yes, our court fees are per player based on each players individual membership.

As a result, four members with different memberships on the same court could be paying a different court fee based on their membership:

  1. Player 1: Over & Under Annual $6

  2. Player 2: Avid Fixed $0

  3. Player 3: Enthusiast Month to Month $8

  4. Player 4: Now & Then: $20

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